The BATA runners

This year Ockham will compete in the Batavieren Race. Assisted by NSHV (the Honours Association from Nijmegen) we will compete in the biggest relay race of the Netherlands.

In 25 stages we will run from Nijmegen to Enschede, a whopping 175 kilometers. The race will start in the city centre of Nijmegen on the 10th of May at 22:30, this is the beginning of 18 hours of sportmanship. At around 16:00 the next day the final stage will be run, going from the City centre of Enschede to Campus. 

Since we are running together with NSHV it is not only an opportunity to keep the honour of Ockham high, but also an opportunity to meet honours students from Nijmegen. The stages run by Ockham are as follows:

stage 4: 4.9 km Ladies
stage 5: 9.9 km Man
stage 7: 7.3 km Man

stage 11: 3.8 km Ladies
stage 16: 6.4 km Man

stage 19: 7.2 km Man
stage 22: 10.7 km Man

After the race ends and our chairman has run the final stage in a hamster suit there will be a big BBQ together with NSHV. You can sign up for that using the sign-up form for the BBQ. To finish the day we will go to the biggest student party of Europe with over 12,000 visitors!

Please mention in the comments which stages (top 3) you would like to run so we can make a division at the end of Februari. Note men stages can also be run by women. 

For more details regarding the batavieren race look at the official website.
Or send an message to the chairman.

Nijmegen - Enschede
Friday, 10 May, 2019 - 18:30 to Saturday, 11 May, 2019 - 17:30