Dinner Colloquium: Virtual reality can make a better world

Virtual and Augmented Reality open up new worlds and in this joint dinner Colloquium together with Kivi and Studium Generale you will learn all about it, you will even get the opportunity to experience a professional Virtual Reality machine. 

So do you want to hear the story of an ex e-sporter which belongs to the world leading gamers in the game Trackmania? Are you curious how VR can cure people being afraid of heights? And how we can study the criminal brain using VR?

Come visit our lecture! The buffet prior to the lecture is only €5, and you can attend the lecture for free!

NOTE: If you have already registered for this lecture on the website of KIVI, then do not register here!

Vrijhof Agora
Tuesday, 19 March, 2019 - 17:30 to 21:00