You can become an active member of H.V. Ockham by joining one or more committees. There are many committees with different kinds of activities, tasks and responsibilities. You can find an overview of our committees below. Joining a committee at our association is fun; you get to meet your fellow students from beyond your own track! If you would like to join a committee, please send us a message via



The ACCIE is the committee that is responsible for fun activities. From lasertag to scavenger hunts to pole dancing workshops, this committee organises it all! The ACCIE organises an activity for all H.V. Ockham members once every one or two months.
The current members of the ACCIE are:

  • Dieuwke Maas (interim chairwoman)
  • Mihai Tene (interim secretary)
  • Remco Abraham
  • Stefan Pozinarea
  • Melvin Willems
  • Atis Kazaferi (board representative)



The BataCie is the committee that makes sure a team of H.V. Ockham participates in the annual Batavierenrace, which is usually formed with members of another honours association. However, more importantly, they also organise the Batavierenrace BBQ!


Every second Monday of the month, the DriCie organises a drink. The drinks carry the very self-explanatory name of “Second Monday of the Month Drink” and take place right after the honours lectures in the MBasement (Zilverling).
The current members of the DriCie are:

  • Jurrie Bruggeman
  • Kenneth Weissbeek
  • Lars van Arkel
  • Mihai Tene
  • Sven van Wincoop
  • Yannis Linardos
  • Sander Oosterveld (board representative)



H.V. Ockham’s biggest activity is organised by the ExpediCie. Every year, they organise a trip of four days to a destination abroad (within Europe). On this trip, participants visit local and global companies, gain cultural knowledge and, above all, have lots of fun.



The MagaCien is responsible for publishing - you guessed it right! - a magazine. Ockham’s Razor is the magazine that is published semi-annually. The previous editions of Ockham’s Razor can be found under Association > Ockham’s Razor. The members of the committee are responsible for writing interesting articles and creating beautiful layouts.
The current members of the MagaCien are:

  • Leon Smook (editor-in-chief)
  • Guido Ritsema van Eck
  • Luunk Buunk
  • Marie-Laure Snijders
  • Saskia Helmich
  • Saumitra Athlekar
  • Eline Uiterweerd (board representative)



The PromoCie is the committee that takes pictures during activities and writes activity reports. Probably the committee with the lowest workload of them all!
The current members of the PromoCie are:

  • Dieuwke Maas
  • Saumitra Athlekar
  • Iskander Sterck
  • Eline Uiterweerd (board representative)



The SympCie is responsible for organising the more formal events, such as lunch lectures and dinner colloquia. The committee often invites a company, honorary member or another type of H.V. Ockham associate to come and give an interesting talk, all while enjoying lunch or dinner.
The current members of the SympCie are:

  • Bilge Tekes
  • Saumitra Athlekar
  • Simon Nagel
  • Sander Oosterveld (board representative)



You would not be reading this right now if the TechniCie had not put their efforts into creating and maintaining the H.V. Ockham website. These clever guys and girl are responsible for making sure that the website stays up-to-date.
The current members of the TechniCie are:

  • Tjo-Kin Man (chairman)
  • Dieuwke Maas
  • Martin Essink
  • Melvin Willems
  • Jelle Nijland
  • Remco Abraham (board representative)


Board of Advisors (BoA /RvA)

As of October 2019, the Raad van Advies (RvA) consists of the following members:

  • Saskia Helmich
  • Saumitra Athlekar
  • Eline Uiterweerd
  • Remco Abraham
  • Marie-Laure Snijders


KasCo (Financial Committee)

As of October 2019, the Kasco consists of the following members:

  • Guido Ritsema van Eck
  • Jaap Slootbeek
  • Pauline Oonk