InterNetWorking - collaboration event with H.S.A. Confluente

On June 5th (16:30),  H.S.A. Confluente and H.V. Ockham will host a network event giving you the opportunity to have a speed date with 2 of the 5 different companies and discover future working and internship possibilities! In the coming days we will be sharing the companies present at the event. From the 25th of May ('til the 31st of May) it is possible to sign up for the event by joining our Whatsapp group: 

Friday, 5 June, 2020 - 16:30 to 19:30

Welcome to H.V. Ockham


Due to the increased corona measures and social distancing H.V. Ockham has set up a means for everyone to still socially connect, online!

To do so, we recommend you download the desktop application for discord, a handy tool to talk with people in private, multifunctional ‘servers’. These servers basically facilitate multiple channels to either type or voicechat in with anyone of your fellow Honours students. The benefit of this medium is that it will allow anyone to casually initiate any kind of gathering, discussion or fun activity.

To use discord, first you need to make an account on their website here:

Then, download discord by going to their page here:

Once registered and installed, use this link to join our server easily: (if the link does not work, please message a board member)

It is also possible to use discord via the web-browser and directly join our server via the above link, although we recommend installing the desktop version.

We are planning on having our activities mostly via discord from now on. Even more so, it is already frequently used by our members to just meetup and have a little chat in between lectures and during the break, just like we used to do physically.

Lastly, keep an eye out for an announcement informing you about the opening of a shared discord server for all dutch Honours associations. See you online!

Wanted Dead or Alive: Candidate Board

The 11th board is on the look out for some worthy successors to represent the Honours student and their association, H.V. Ockham!

You could be  next! Here is why you should be:
Whether you are in it for the satisfaction of happy, smiling members;
Seek a character defining  experience with 4 other board members;
Want to be on the forefront (or back) of national collaborations with other Honours associations;
Seek to develop your understanding, and network, with various UT officials, passionate students across the Netherlands and companies;
Have your own ideas on making our association great;
And not to forget, want some bonus points on your CV; 

It's worthwhile,  it's eye-opening experience, we couldn't have imagined our lives going any differently anymore.
Join the board today! 

General board details:
Coming soon

Details per role:
Coming soon

The coming days we will disclose more information on each role, finishing with a digital board interest / information evening on april 30th at 20:00 on discord!

The official application deadline will be disclosed soon

Socially distanced
Wednesday, 22 April, 2020 - 13:15 to Thursday, 7 May, 2020 - 13:15